Adjusted gross income (AGI) Calculator

Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Calculator

The IRS uses adjusted gross income or AGI to calculate your taxable income. Knowing your AGI will not only help you determine your taxable income and tax bracket but even uncover if there are any tax credits or benefits you are qualified for.

How do you use this calculator? It's kind of tricky but you need to know your gross income and as well as the adjustments to your income.

Don't worry though. This tool will help you with those so all you need to do is just fill out the fields.

Basically, your AGI for the year is calculated using the following formula:

AGI = gross income – adjustments to income

You'll see a section for both Gross Income and Deductions so you just need to replace the zeros with the actual numbers and at the bottom you'll see a Results section which will calculate your AGI.