4 Step Formula: Getting Over The Fear of Being Judged

Learn to recognize when you have the false belief of being judged, understand why it keeps you stuck, and find out how to move through your fear.

Being judged

You know what they say about the squeaky wheel getting all of the grease?

Well, that’s pretty much how it is for entrepreneurs.

You will be judged if you are doing anything different or making a difference in an industry!

Judgment is inherently human.

It's always been in our nature to compare ourselves and others, giving us a false sense of superiority that makes it hard for people to relate with one another.

You've got to remember you have some important work to do and you can’t let this fear control you and your success.

Take these steps to let go of self-doubt and avoid being paralyzed by the fear of being judged:

1. Make yourself a priority. Allowing someone else’s judgment to cloud your own perception of yourself, makes them a priority, giving them power in your life.

Get rid of any negative thoughts

If you tend to do this - knock it off!

You are the expert on your life - you know who you are better than anyone. Trusting yourself is important; don't be afraid or ashamed for what's good about YOU (or anything).

However, we too want some validation and that’s normal. We all desire respect and appreciation- to some degree at least.

I certainly do!

But when you're constantly thinking about those things every time your project isn't perfect, then how productive are you going to be?

Focus on the good that could come from facing your fears, making a change and taking a step toward progress.

You might not like what other people think about you now, but at least when they see how confident or successful you are than before, they won't have any choice but to respect who you are as an individual with their own interests in life too!

2. Get rid of any negative thoughts that are holding you back. You might be walking around with your own personal naysayer, whispering negative thoughts into your ear.

Make yourself a priority

Your inner critic will try to get you doubting yourself, questioning your worthiness and comparing yourself with others.

You need to recognize that voice and then you can start fighting it!

That little voice is slowly eating away all of the positivity in your life but there's a way for you to stop listening to him.

The trick is not giving it too much power of dictating your life.

Take control over those thoughts so they don't ruin everything else good going on in our lives.

3. Do it your way. The fear of someone else's opinion becoming a reality doesn't have a lot to do about what anyone actually thinks.

Do it your way

It has way more to do with how much power you give them in controlling your thoughts.

When it feels like everything is changing, our inner compass seems so far off-course that we barely recognize ourselves anymore.

This is when we start feeling indecisive and lose our self-confidence.

Don’t be scared to make your own decisions and build your business the way you want to.

People will always have something to say and you can’t change their opinions, so you don't want to waste your energy trying to do things to please others.

Having done all your research, you know enough to be successful.

Believe in yourself and do not let the opinions of others bring you down. You have to be true to yourself, because no one knows what is best for you like you.

Ignoring judgemental people and doing things in a way that is true to yourself means taking risks but ultimately succeeding!

Go out there and make something happen.

4. Avoid toxic people in your life. The people who can be the most difficult to deal with are those that disagree with everything you say, or make it sound like they know more than you.

Avoid toxic people in your life

They may not always state their thoughts outright but if someone is constantly negative and tiresome, sometimes avoiding them will be your best option in order to maintain a healthy relationship for yourself as well as others around them.

Limit your contact with people who are toxic or negative and increase it with positive individuals who will bring positivity in your life instead.

You can choose to be positive or negative, it's all up to you!

5. People are always going to judge you. The sooner you realize that this is inevitable and that people are going to judge you regardless of what decisions or actions one takes, the easier life becomes.

People are always going to judge you.

You are also less likely going to be bothered by those things.

Remember even some of the most successful individuals in this world have haters because no matter how hard someone tries; they can't please everyone all at once.

There is always a person who feels jealous or offended.



It’s already tough to take a chance and put yourself out there. You have to accept that people will judge you for doing what you love, and it's okay to not want to be judged!

But you need to do something about it.

The fear of harsh judgment can be creatively and spiritually debilitating, but only if you let it.