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We created this site to empower you & give you the information you need to create the work you want to do. What's your biggest worry about your current job?

Complications with daycare?

At least one coworker that makes your life at work completely miserable?

Micromanagement or somebody constantly “looking over your shoulder”?

Are you working your bottom off in order to make someone ELSE money?

No control over which direction the company is heading?

Not being paid what you’re worth?

Can't set your own hours?

Can you relate? Then imagine having these perks from work:

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You have total control of which way the company goes


Not much of a dress code

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 A lot more leeway when making appointments


No daycare!!!


You can take care of housework WHILE you’re at work

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You’re actually being paid what you’re worth

In a world where even the full-time job that you’ve been working for years is no guarantee because of politics, viruses, buyouts or a seemingly infinite number of factors, having the peace of mind of a steady stream of income or even knowing that you can be partially or completely independent financially can make so much difference in many areas of your life.

Not only can the smallest amount of extra income bring so much financial relief, doing something that you enjoy or are passionate about and being your own boss can bring a level of happiness that you have only been able to dream of. So… let’s get started making that dream an everyday reality.

Let’s get happy!

Balance is the Key

“The more often you decline invitations to spend time with friends or family because you are too busy with either work or other activities, the more you should realize that your life is not in balance.”   

Byron P.

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